CLOUDHASHING.COM is a really big player in the current cloud mining game. They are the biggest cloud mining provider. As stated in the International Business Times magazine they are preparing a $20 Million a Month Bitcoin Mining Operation to even expand further! Cloudhashing is very newbie friendly, your account with them is set up in seconds and after purchasing a contract with them you begin to mine instantly. Currently you can choose between three different contracts. Bronze: 40 GHS/1 Year $299, Silver: 165 GHS/1 year $999, Gold: 600 GHS/1 year $2,999. If you are a big investor (over $20.000) you are prompted to fill out the contact form on the main page. When you buy a contract with Cloudhashing you can choose if you want to pay in Bitcoin or with credit card. After you successfully purchased a contract you will begin to mine instantly!

An interesting feature of them is, that you have a reinvestment option of your earnings ranging from 0% – 100%. What we really love about their great service is the very attentive and fast responding customer service. You are expiriencing any problems? The Cloudhashing staff will resolve your problem fast and friendly. They are there for you from the very beginning until the end! Your live dashboard is very clean and easy to understand as well it is compatible with cellphones and tablets. No matter where you are, you always can access your live dashboard and have a look at your earnings. Cloudhashing offers a refferal system like other cloud mining providers. You earn 5% of the hashing power your refferal buys.

User friendlyness?

+ Fast, easy and free signup
+ Fast and friendly support, quickly responding and resolving occurring problems
+ Possibility to purchase GHS with Bitcoins or credit cards

Website functionality?

+ Easy to understand live dashboard, responsive to your cellphone or tablet
+ Great refferal system
No option to trade or sell your GHS


+ Transparent
+ Registered business in the United Kingdom
+ US sales telephone number

High price per GHS
No option to purchase just a few GHS


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