PBMINING.COM is a very promising cloud mining provider as of right now. They have the lowest prices per GHS. With every difficulty increase they automatically lower their prices. Mostly they are sold out of mining contracts right after the difficulty increase / price reduction but they restock quiet rapidly. We really like PBMINING because it is made for the masses and affordable. The lowest investment is 10 GHS. Your contract with PBMINING.COM will keep you mining Bitcoins for 5 years. Aswell they offer a great refferal system, if someone signs up with your refferal link, you will earn a 10% comission for every purchase they make!

If you decide to invest in PBMINING.COM you will start to mine instantly! They state to process the order within 12 hours, but they are much more fast. Every contract you buy, is assigned personally by one of their staff members. If you have any problems with your payment, the PBMINING staff will kindly help you out! They pay out your Bitcoin mining earnings every Sunday before midnight (GMT – 6). They do not deduct any electricity or maintenance fees from your earnings unlike other cloud mining providers. Since PBMINING did never post any information about the pool they are mining in, their hardware or information of blocks mined, this could be a very well made ponzi scheme and they are not actually mining. Be careful investing in PBMINING.COM! Right now and for some months everything looks / looked fine, but only time will tell!

User friendlyness?

+ Fast, easy and free signup
+ Fast and friendly support, quickly responding and resolving occurring problems
+ Investments as low as 10 GHS
No possibility to purchase GHS with a credit card / Paypal

Website functionality?

+ Easy to understand live dashboard
+ Global stats
+ Great refferal system
No option to trade or sell your GHS
No option to change or reset your password at the moment


+ Ebay account with 100% positive feedback
No street adress / phone number of their business
No pictures of their hardware
No information of mined blocks / coins
Could be a very well made ponzi scheme


+ Low price per GHS
+ Price per GHS gets adjusted every time the Bitcoin mining difficulty rises


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