Top 10 JavaScript Libraries For Web Projects

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There are number of tools available on the Internet to help you with your development project. You can refer to online guides to get all the necessary information that you need in your coding project. In case of web development, developers prefer JavaScript for front-end development. This scripting language is relatively easy to use and create intriguing user interface for website and web apps. Today we have listed top ten JavaScript libraries that you can use for your web project in this year.

1. IO.js:

IO.js is a Chrome V8 runtime powered JavaScript platform. The project is based on Node.js platform and the compatibility of IO.js is quite high. This platform promises faster and predictable release cycle. The platform offers open governance model. The platform brings latest languages, API and performance improvements to V8 engine while updating libuv and other libraries.

2. Intercooler.js:

This is a natural HTML extended version. Developers are familiar with simple attributes of HTML platform which makes the development easier with Intercooler.js. This platform uses JavaScript to communicate with the server and it sends AJAX requests in familiar syntax to application.

3. Matter.js:

This is a JavaScript 2D rigid body physics engine for web. This engine module uses different methods for creation and manipulation of engines. Matter.js is a controller that manages updating and rendering the simulation of the world. The project is currently in alpha status. The API of matter.js is still under development.

4. Immutable.js:

Immutable.js offers Persistant immutable list, Stack, Map, OrderedMap, Set, OrderedSet and Record. The platform is highly efficient even on modern JavaScript virtual machines. You can use hash maps and vectors using Clojure and Scala to copy or cache the data. This platform offers lazy Seq that allows efficient chaining of collection methods without creating intermediate representations.

5. Format.js:

FormatJS is modern collection of JavaScript libraries for internationalisation focused on number, data and string formatting. The platform contains set of core libraries that can be used to build the JavaScript Intl built-ins and Industry wide i18n standards. FormatJS has set of integrations for common template and libraries.

6. Anima.js:

Anima.js enables you to use delays and durations. You can use this platform for CSS animation creation. The tool uses CSS transforms and 3D transforms with JavaScript to create animation. You can control the tool with flow so that you can start, stop, cancel animations and even create event-based stuff.

7. Is.js:

Is.js is an independent general purpose check library. You can check types, regexps, presence, time and much more other things using is.js.

8. MinBlock.js:

minBlock.js Javascript library can be used for Matrix Grid implementation. The platform was designed to generate Github like random avatar.

9. blinkTitle.js:

blinkTitle.js is pure javascript implementation of titlebar alert or notification. The tool can be used to perform blinking of html titlebar for titlebar aert or titlebar notification.

10. Conditioner.js:

This is a best tool if your web program requires loading and unloading behavior. The implementation of environment behavior is quite easy using Conditioner.js, you need to define required state and the tool takes care of rest part.

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