How to Detect and Effectively Stop Users with AdBlock in WordPress

How to Detect and Effectively Stop Users with AdBlock in WordPress


AdBlock is a simple but effective add-on for web browsers that allows users to disable ads on your WordPress site. This can hurt you by reducing your earning potential. If you are interested in stopping people from using Adblock, then you have arrived to the right place. In this article, I will show you how to detect and deal with people using AdBlock while viewing your WordPress site.

How AdBlock Can Hurt You

No doubt Adblock brings a cherished experience to users, but for bloggers it can be a big headache because it uproots their source of income i.e. advertisements, affiliates, etc. Most bloggers are passionate about their work however at some stage in their life they think about turning their passion into profits. In other cases, some folks start their blog to earn money. In either case, if advertisement is your biggest source of revenue, then you can potentially lose a portion of your income due to AdBlocks. A lot of blogs shutdown due to low or no income, but I’ll leave that debate for another time.

How to Identify if your users are using AdBlock

There is no straight forward way to figure out if your users have adblock on. One of the ways to find out is if your blog has a lot of traffic, but your ad impressions are showing otherwise. The next sure-fire way to figuring it out is by redirecting a user with ad-block or showing them a specific image. Tracking the views of either the redirected page or replacement image will give you a clearer picture.

How to Deal with users with AdBlock?

There are few approaches that you can take to deal with ad-block. Each has their pros and cons.

The Do-Nothing Approach

As the title says, you do nothing about the users with ad-block. You simply learn to live with a loss of revenue for the sake of happy users.

Passive Approach

This is something a very popular site like Reddit does. They offer their users an ad-free experience for a small monthly fee. You can do this by adding a text link to your site below your ads saying want an ad-free experience? If the user clicks on that, they will be taken to a page where you can explain the details. See Reddit Gold page for example.

Aggressive Approach

In this approach, you simply block the site for users unless they disable adblock for your site. You can do this in a nice way by explaining to the user how it is hurting your revenue. Sometimes a gentle nudge can solve the issue. You can suggest them to get the ad-free experience like I mentioned in the Passive Aggressive approach. Alternatively, you can force them to disable adblock by simply locking them out of the website.

Now that you know of the various approaches to dealing with users with adblock, let’s look at how we can do this.

Using A WordPress Plugin To Disable Adblock

By using No Adblock for WordPress you can force your visitors to disable their AdBlocker browser plug-in if they wish to get access to your site. Remember, no matter how big your audience is, this does have a potential of a backlash. However, if you do this the “right way” by asking your users politely, this can be an effective technique.


Step 1: In-order to restrict your users from using AdBlocker you need to install “No Ad block” plug-in which will give a friendly message to those visitors who are using AdBlocker. So the first thing you need to do is to install and activate No AdBlock for WordPress.

No Adblock for WordPress

Step 2: Now you will be able to see “No AdBlock” on the left side of your WordPress Admin Panel, just select it and carry on to the next step.

Step 3: Now you need to customize the settings of your “No AdBlock page” which would guide users as to how they can access to your blog. Remember to fill in each and every detail by yourself otherwise it will not show the text correctly.

  • Title: Write a purposeful title of your Ad Blocker Page to notify your readers that they are hurting your potentials.
  • Description: To convince your readers you need to motivate them by writing an impressive author’s note. It may be a good idea to share some facts that will motivate them to disable ad blocker.
  • Agree/Disagree: If they agree to disable their Ad Blocker then this will give access to your blog but if they disagree then you can redirect them to the specified URL.

No Adblock For WordPress

Giving Gentle Nudge: If you don’t want to lose your significant traffic but still desire to warn those visitors who are using AdBlocker, then go to No AdBlock » Choices » and Check it. This would give a small nudge to visitors and will ask them to disable their AdBlocker, but it will not force them to disable AdBlocker in-order to get access to your blog.

No Adblock For WordPress

Download No AdBlock for WordPress


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