My Traffic Value Review

Name: My Traffic ValueMy Traffic Value
Price: Free to Join
Owner: Joel William Cook
Who it is for: Newbie – Expert
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Introduction To My Traffic Value

In this My Traffic Value Review I’m going to show you how the site works and I’m going to explain all the important information.

My Traffic Value (MTV) is a crowdfunding Platform made by Joel William Cook in 2011. Joel William Cook is an expert marketer also founder of Paid Verts who created a stable system which is working for 3 years and growing day by day.

The Concept of MTV:

What Is Traffic Value?

Traffic Value is the potential purchasing power of people in, or observing, a given place.

For example: look at the websites like Youtube , Google or Facebook they worth billions because their Traffic Value. These sites have a lot of visitors which is important for the advertisers so they can catch customers via these popular sites!

My traffic value review

Ways To Earn Money At MTV:

1. My Traffic Value InvestmentsInvestment plans - my traffic value review

  • 170.2% Power Plan: Earn $1.702 for each $1 you invest. Pays in order so the oldest investors get paid first. Once your spend has been waiting longest you are next to be paid.
  • 200/240% Plan: Earn $2.00/2.40 for each $1 invested. This premium plan requires a non-refundable $1000/$500,000.00 upgrade fee which gives you 1 Year access to the plan.
  • Currently the oldest investment took 76 day to get fully repaid.

Here is an example Investing 1$ in the 170.2% Power Plan:

Investing $1 will return a total of $1.702. That’s your investment back, plus $0.702 profit.

Your investment will be utilized as follows:

  • $0.74 will be pooled to finance the construction of new portfolio products.
  • $0.01 will be paid as referral commission to your upline.
  • $0.25 will be paid to shareholders, helping form this weeks’ cash dividend.

2. Profit Shares: Profit shares - my traffic value review

You can become a Shareholder by purchasing shares. There are 500,000,000 shares that produce 100% of the profitability of the business. Shareholders are like admins of MTV. And like any admin, you earn a commission on every unit (dollar) of investment made into the main investment plans (170.2% Power Plan +200/240% Plan)

As you can see from the Investment Plans, for every dollar invested, $0.25 gets divided between the shareholders. And given that there are 500.000.000 shares in total, means that each share earns $0.0000000005 per dollar invested.

Shares Strategy:

Buy Low, Sell High!

You can sell and buy shares at MTV marketplace. In addition to their weekly dividends, you can take advantage of the resale prices, limited supply and snowballing portfolio to make some fast money! There was a share split recently which means all your shares got split by 10 and if you had 100 shares before now you will you have 1000.

Your earnings are paid to your account balance every Monday after the daily result is posted.

My Traffic Value Strategy & Guide:

Maybe you have a question about which is the better Strategy, investing in the Plans or buying Shares.

Compare the earnings:
Fast Track 200 plan, pays your money back +100% profit.
Shares have unlimited earning potential!

If you’re looking for an opportunity at turning small money into riches, then shares are the way to go. Shares are for long-term earnings. With system growth they could turn very small money, into high amounts!

Currently the share price is between 0.13-0.14$. In July it was 0.06$ per share, so its growing quite fast!

Fast Track plans, takes a relatively fixed amount of time to pay investors. You can view the estimation here: My Traffic Value Investments.

As I mentioned the oldest investment took 76 days to complete. It depends mostly on the daily revenues which you can check here: My Traffic Value Results.

Is It Safe To Invest At MTV?

The products they build must return 3.6x their construction cost in their lifetimes. If they are capable of achieving that 3.6x return on their ideas your investments will be fine!

And the good thing that not only the product you build paying you back but the entire portfolio (Monetization Portfolio). So if one product fails to perform, then all the others are backing it up. When a product repaid the investors that helped to funded it, it will help repay all other investors. Making things faster and safer!

The Status of MTV – Growing or Decreasing?

In August 2014 the total users were around 100.000. One month later there are 196.000 Registered users. The growth is incredible and it’s because people spreading the word and sharing all the positive experience they have at MTV.

The future of MTV is bright as we see how fast the site growing and as time passes it will only getting more and more popular. You are able to contact My Traffic Value Beef Support, just open a ticket and you will get your answers.

Revenue History - my traffic value reviewDebt Swaps

Here are the most important information about what is a debt swap, how it works and why it is necessary to keep MTV up and running profitably and efficiently.

Debt swap is a “tool” to propel the business forwards by clearing all current debt and exchanging it for shares, which hold huge potentials. As the system turns debt-free, it makes it incredibly attractive for new users, bringing a lot of money and demand into the system, increasing the traffic value and with it raising the share price.

Without the debt swap, the debt would grow and grow, without the staff having enough time to expand the portfolio, which would result in huge increases in the fast track repayment times and the value of ads they are able to send out at PaidVerts, making the system unattractive.

The debt swap gives MTV a fresh start, with a huge portfolio backing it up, which will now be paying new investments, while also expanding it on the go.

You have NOT lost anything with the swap, you simply received shares in exchange for your BAP and investments, which would have otherwise taken months or even years to give you in return what debt swaps usually take far less to achieve.

The only people that will lose out with a debt swap, are the people who panic and sell their newly received shares for an incredibly low rate. A debt swap can take months to fully show its potential and positive effect on the whole business and with it the rise in share price, required to justify it.

Final Thoughts

My Traffic Value is a great opportunity to earn a passive income online. Both the investment plans and the shares have huge potentials.

MTV has a detailed system statistic menu, open for everyone where you can view the statistics of the site (daily revenues, portfolio products, business model and everything else) and nothing is hidden from the users.

This makes My Traffic Value a legitimate site and the right place for investors. If you aren’t a member yet, feel free to join to me (confirm that you were referred by me, my username is slorunner). I will be glad to guide and support you when required (you can request support on my fb page).

Join My Traffic Value Here!

Summarized OverviewLegit - My traffic value review

Name: My Traffic Value
Price: Free to Join
Owner: Joel William Cook
Who it is for: Newbie – Expert
Rating: star,full,favourite,bookmarkstar,full,favourite,bookmarkstar,full,favourite,bookmarkstar,full,favourite,bookmarkstar,half,favourite,bookmark
Verdict: LEGIT!

Have a review, opinion about MyTrafficValue or do you have any experience with this program? If so, please leave your comments below and I’ll be more than happy to get back to you!

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