Facebook Vulnerability Allows to Video-Call Mark Zuckerberg!

Have you ever desired to Video-Call the Founder of Facebook?
Well, with this Vulnerability it’s still possible!.

The following used vulnerability allows with a GET (In-URI) CSRF Parameter to avoid the Video-Calling blocks into Mark Zuckerberg Privacy Setting’s.


PornHub Have Revealed What Porn We Watch Over Christmas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and you porn addicts are still at it. Therefore PornHub have revealed just how festive some of its users get.

They even went as far as making a list, and checking it twice.

a very pornhub christmas 678 body image 1418830059 PornHub Have Revealed What Porn We Watch Over Christmas

And it turns out a whopping 2692% MORE of you enjoy seeing a ‘naughty santa’s helper’ at Christmas time. Fair enough, I suppose you’re sticking with a theme and there’s nothing wrong with that. But breathing down the neck of that is ‘fucking dads girlfriend’ which is really quite specific.

To be honest with you, the one just previously mentioned actually makes a bit of sense. At a time of year when a lot of extended family and friends come together, searches for those type of scenes are more and more popular. You dirty bastards.

pornhub christmas search terms 1 PornHub Have Revealed What Porn We Watch Over Christmas

The next lot here shows the amount of actual Christmas porn that is searched for. Searches including ‘christmas’, ‘xmas sex’ and one I found pretty hilarious.. just ‘merry christmas’. Who is searching ‘merry christmas’ in PornHub?! Quite a fucking lot of you, it seems.

So in conclusion, the world gets pretty festive with their porn during Christmas time. And the stats are there to prove it. For the FULL insight, check it out on PornHub.

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