10 Creative Ways To Make Money Online

If you’d claimed it was possible for the average guy on the street to make millions of dollars online just a decade ago, the chances are good you’d have heard nothing but laughter in response. Today, though, there are countless Internet millionaires who turned a great idea into obscene profit, used the power of the web to promote their offline business or simply worked their butt off to sell their skills online.


Top 10 JavaScript Libraries For Web Projects

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There are number of tools available on the Internet to help you with your development project. You can refer to online guides to get all the necessary information that you need in your coding project. In case of web development, developers prefer JavaScript for front-end development. This scripting language is relatively easy to use and create intriguing user interface for website and web apps. Today we have listed top ten JavaScript libraries that you can use for your web project in this year.


5 Best websites to make money online

Making a few quick bucks never hurt anybody. It is good to have a little side tasks going on to make some flow of greenery into your pocket. Especially as a student, we all wish to have a little side business to earn some extra allowance. To do a job in a market, to actually work out there is very tedious. To search for a part time job and to get a suitable time slot according to your schedule is very difficult. So it is better to look for other alternatives. Everyday billions of dollars are profited from the online sites and now you can earn some too. Here is a list of top 5 sites that let you make money.


Monitoring Linux Systems For Rootkits

Rootkits are considered to be one of the most tricky pieces of malware. Usually they are loaded onto the system by exploiting weaknesses in software. Next phase is being installed and hide as good as possible, to prevent detection. We have a look at a few security measures you can take to prevent this kind of threat.

System Protection


The kernel is the brain of the software system and decides what should be executed by the central processing unit. Any “damage” to this system decreases the integrity of the system and your data. So protecting the kernel against unauthorized modifications is an important step in keeping system secure.


Compile Bitcoin Core on Raspberry Pi (Raspbian)

If you want to run a full node on the Bitcoin network, you might want to do so on a computer that doesn’t use so much power and is very inexpensive. The Raspberry Pi is an obvious choice for that. Here’s a tutorial on how to install the newest version of Bitcoin Core on the Raspbian OS, which is based on the Debian GNU/Linux distribution. If you have used Debian or Ubuntu Linux, you’ll find many things familiar about Raspbian.


11 Software And Utilities For Securing Your Network

11 Software And Utilities For Securing Your Network

Security tools are useful for both newbies and professionals. At a time when even your government is spying on your data, what tools are you using?

Security is one of the buzzwords on the internet nowadays. When we talk about security, two things come to mind — hackers and security software. Utilities and software related to security is especially useful as they make it easy for even less savvy users to improve their security arrangements. Here are 11 of these security software and utilities that you can use in order to improve your system’s protection against attackers.


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How to Evade getting Hacked during Online Shopping

Avoiding long lines and cranky crowds are just two of the benefits of online shopping. But getting hacked while buying a toy playset from the hit movie “Frozen” through an online seller is a real shopping risk, too.


12 Of The Best Firefox Security Add-Ons!

Mozilla’s Firefox is crisp and easy to operate making it by far one of the most preferred of web browsers. The fact that it supports a plethora of add-ons makes it an added choice for web users around the world. Security is a mayor concern while browsing. Not to worry, there are a number of excellent add-ons that will make your browsing experience safer. (more…)

10 Apps You Must Carry In Your USB!

Carrying around an actual computer is now possible since we have USB sticks that you can use to store all the basic utilities you need and use the same on other computers irrespective of platform and OS. These USB sticks don’t cost a fortune and can be carried out and about in your pockets. Further, a number of apps have been converted into portable versions so you can make the best use of them on the go! Here’s a list of must have apps if you’re looking to carry around your own pocket computer!


15 Easy Ways To Speed Up WordPress

WordPress is a great platform.

You’re seeing it in action right now: my site  is run entirely on this crazy-powerful platform.

One weakness that WordPress suffers from, however, is that it is usually very slow. (more…)