Youtube Hacked right now?

On February 8, a lot of popular YouTubers started loosing subscribers rapidly! PEWDIEPIE, Faze Rug, RoomanAtwood and many others are currently experiencing this huge YouTube bug/hack. If you search “YouTube is crashing” in YouTube, you can see that a lot of channels already uploaded their videos regarding this issue.

If we take a look at real-time subscriber counter, for example PewDiePie, you can see subscribers are going down so fast.

There is still no official response from YouTube/Google regarding this issue. We just hope it will stop soon.

Source: Hakoder

Steam Down!!! Phantom Squad DDoS Steam servers and bring it down for Christmas!!

Steam servers DDoSed and taken down by Phantom Squad hacker group, gamers left in lurch during busy Christmas weekend

If you are a gamer, we told you earlier to watch out for this group of hackers who have promised havoc during the oncoming Christmas holidays. Right now they are showing a trailer of what they can achieve. Yes, we are talking about Phantom Squad who have promised to bring down Steam, Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox down during the week starting today.

And they seemed to have started with Steam today.

for your near and dear ones


The DDoS attack mounted by PhantomNations on Steam servers is so severe that almost all regional gaming servers are down and the report now shows as 0.00 % online. It is worthwhile to remember that Steam operates about 17 regional servers including  3 for US, 4 for Europe and Australia, India, Brazil, Japan etc.  All Steam activities including the Steam community and the Steam Store are down so you cannot buy Steam games as Christmas gifts for your near and dear ones.

Steam servers DDoSed by Phantom Squad hacker group, gamers left in lurch during busy Christmas weekend

Phantom Squad seems to be playing with thousands of Steam gamers as of now as is explained with this tweet:

The blame for the Steam outage lies solely on Steam developers as the Phantom Squad had warned of such attacks during the busy Christmas season. Even now, Microsoft and Sony should fix their DDoS countermeasures as their Xbox Network and PlayStation Network are likely to be the next targets for Phantom Squad.

DDoSing the gaming servers during the busy Christmas holidays is not new. Lizard Squad did it in 2014 and virtually brought Xbox Network and PlayStation Network to a standstill for a whole week. Last year, PSN and Xbox escaped the ire of hackers but Steam was down for nearly 3 days. This year, Phantom Squad had given an early warning about their intent and even now they are taunting the Steam developers.


Right now most tech websites are linking the Steam outage to the rush due to Steam’s Winter Sale which went live yesterday but we can confirm that this is a mega-DDoS attack on Steam servers.

This is a developing story and we will get you full info about the Phantom Squad’s DDoS attack on Steam servers as it is happening. Sadly for Steam gamers, the attacks on the Steam servers seems to be increasing with passing time and it doesn’t look like they will be having a good Christmas!

Update: Most of the Steam services are back up now

How to get free .HOST domain

Today im going to show you how to get a free .HOST domain, super simple and easy.

Step 1.

Go to . Enter “”

in the domain field (without the quotes of course) 3. Click on button “Check eligibility” .

Click “Sign up” 5. Click “Update cart”. After that you will be redirecteed to registration form.

Fill in your information and be sure to fill in a valid email because you will get your key there! .

Finish your order and within few minutes you will receive totaly free WHMCS key!

Step 2. Go to This website

Enter your domain that you would like use.

Click on Check Out

Enter your WHMCS Lincense Key (That you created on step 1.) in the form.

You get a FREE .host domain for 1 year!

How do Hackers Hack your Passwords?


Many of you might have been victims of your email accounts being hacked, or your Facebook password not working. This maybe because your password might have been hacked by the Hackers.
One way to keep your self secure is by knowing how do hackers hack password and what all methods and software’s they generally use. By knowing how hackers can get into your account, you will be in better situation to understand what are the possible ways you can lose your account information and passwords & you can protect yourself from getting hacked next time.

There are some common technique which hackers uses to hack passwords. One of them is phishing pages, where a hacker will send a login page of Gmail or Facebook and it will look exactly the same as real Facebook login page. Most of the time they use Social engineering skills like, they will send message saying “This person has posted your bad picture on Facebook, click here to check your photo”, and once you click on the link, you will be taken to login page, as soon as you enter your password, it will be sent to hacker, and your page will reload to take you to the real page. Most of the time, victim don’t even realize his password is gone.
1. Keyloggers
This is one of the basic tool used for getting your passwords. Keylogger resides in your system memory and runs at every startup. These keyloggers log all the keystrokes you type. A log is created and then it is sent to the Hacker. Most famous keylogger is the Ardamax Keylogger. It can be customized so that it cannot be shown in “Processes” (Windows Task Manager).
I suggest you to start using Online virtual Keyboard when typing password for sensitive sites like your bank account and Paypal account.
2. RAT
RAT stands for Remote Administration Tool. With RAT, a hacker can connect to your PC, without your knowledge. He can see what is going on the screen, what you are currently doing, which sites you surf. It also has the built-in functionality of keylogger.
Hacker can copy files from your Hard disk to his computer, and all this without your knowledge. A good example of RAT is Poison Ivy. It can be customized to connect to your PC on a particular port number specified while creating the RAT.
3. Trojan Horses
Now these are the most common type of malwares. Trojans spread through warez sites mostly. All of you want free softwares. Right? Beware though! When you download from warez sites, all the keygens and patches and even the original trial programs are trojaned. This means you will get the software for free. But your computer will be affected with a trojan horse.
When you run the patch/keygen, you’ll get the desired output, but in background, your system gets infected with the trojan. Turkojan is a famous Trojan horse. A trojan is much more superior to keyloggers and RATs. It provides much more functions, so that a Hacker has more access to your PC.
There are many other ways which hacker usually uses, for example if you are connected to internet on a LAN, which uses the same router , a hacker can use any packet sniffer and base decoder to read all sensitive data being transmitted from your computer. Cain and Abel is one such sniffer and there are many more.
That’s one reason why I always suggest to enable secure browsing where ever possible. Most of sites like Facebook gives an option to use https login, which encrypts your data and even hacker uses sniffer to capture data, decoding password with those data will not be easy. Brute forcing is another common method, but with technology advancement, most of Email and Web login forms, comes with handling such attack.

How to protect yourself from hacking:

  • Install a good licensed anti-virus. I suggest you go for Kaspersky. It’s the best anti-virus out there.
  • Always have your Windows Firewall turned on.
  • Never ever trust warez sites. There is a lot of malware flowing out there.
  • Don’t run .exe programs given by anyone. Trust only yourself.
  • Never auto-play a pen drive. By this, malware automatically gets installed on your PC.
  • Don’t run attachments from emails.
  • If you want to run .exe files safely, run them sandboxed. A free application Sandboxie is available for this purpose.
  • If you feel you’re infected, format your PC immediately. No anti-virus can remove a Trojan horse from your PC. It’s very difficult to remove a trojan from an infected PC.

Well, to be safe, you have to take all preventive method and make sure you enable all security features offered by web app you are using. I hope this article will help you to understand how do hackers hack and you can take all preventive measures to keep your password safe. If you find this article useful, don’t forget to share it on Google plus and Facebook for more social awareness. Hackers hack people passwords for many reasons, some of them are just showing their skills and some of them hack for profits. Many of them will use your Email account to send spam links to your contact list or use your Facebook account to send spam application link. Though, the major problem comes when hackers get hold of your private and sensitive data and black-mail starts. Like I mentioned above, Similarly, there are many other methods which I have listed below are being used by hackers to hack anyone password or Email access.How do Hackers get Passwords?

5 Things to Remember When You are Learning to Code

Today, we are going to talk about those 5 things which you need to remember while you are still learning programming.

All right, let’s get started!

5 Things to Remember when You are Learning to Code:-

Learning to program is challenging. Aside from choosing a language or setting up a development environment that you know nothing about, there are thousands of articles and tutorials out there that quite simply will make you feel dumb, demotivate you or make you think that everything you have learnt so far was a waste of time and that you’ve been doing everything wrong.

1. Always remember you are on The Internet:- 

You should not believe all the articles or news you read is legit or that the photos you see aren’t Photoshopped. So don’t take everything that you read literally. Just because it’s about programming does not mean it’s reliable or correct. It was written by a person, and people make mistakes and are biased.

2. Focus on your code returning the correct result first, rather than cleaning the code:-

You’ll come across a lot of articles that start something like “You should write clean code, you are doing it wrong”. The vast majority of these are just opinions. Focus on your code returning the correct result first, and then focus on cleaning the code. Writing code that works is much better than Writing code by Following Good Programming Practices that doesn’t work.

bad code
You can write a simple function that returns the same result in almost any language in a hundred different ways; if their way of doing it is so “right”, what makes the other ninety-nine wrong? And what’re they grading it by — readability? Execution time? It’s all relative to what you need when you code.
Bad Naming Conventions, Indentation and Documentation are more likely to produce “bad” code than the method you choose for a loop.

3. Programmers have a knack of making other people feel dumb:-

Two common concepts in programming are obfuscation (obscuring of intended meaning in communication, making the message confusing, wilfully ambiguous, or harder to understand) and abstraction, and for some reason this seems to carry through to a lot of stuff that programmers write about.
They tend to use very large words, or terms that only relate to the field of programming when they’re writing. If you have to Google a word fifteen times while reading an article, keep in mind you’re not dumb. On the contrary, the writer most likely wanted to you to think he was really clever and impress you.
What he didn’t realise is that when reading an article with big words, people in general tend to think the writer is normal and they are dumb.
Learn to Code

4. There are no bad Programming Languages:- 

When you meet a fellow programmer, the first question they’re likely to ask you is:

“Which language do you code in?”

Your answer then generally forms their initial opinion of your expertise and skill level. I can’t express just how biased this is! There is a good chance that they’ve never even touched the language they’re judging you on, or that they can’t properly justify their opinion. All languages have strengths and weaknesses.

Learning to Program

Programming is a trade and a programming language is the same to a good programmer as a tool is to a mechanic. It is his choice to select the best tool from his box for the task at hand, and I’ve never heard anyone say, “Don’t ever use that spanner!”

5. Learning concepts, data structures, design patterns and theory is more important than knowing syntax:- 

Programming concepts are all relatively similar. If you know your stuff, you’ll be familiar with the term ‘Array’, you’ll know what it is, what built-in methods it’s likely to have, and can then look up the syntax for it in any language in a heartbeat.

All popular languages are based on programming theory, concepts and principles, and usually they try to build on and add to them. Knowing and understanding this allows you to transcend the limitations of a single programming language, and instead use the best tool for the job… even if you need to Google a little to get there.

How to upgrade your ordinary router with functionality of a high cost one with Tomato firmware


Here is how to install Tomato firmware on your cheap Wi-Fi router to attain functionality of a high cost router.

What if you could simply enhance your router’s functionalities just by some software alteration. well, Few people understand why some routers cost $15 and some hundreds of dollars.

There are hardware differences and… software differences.

Using a custom firmware (if supported by the router) can give you options/features available on much more expensive hardware.

Such a firmware is Tomato USB. Its an open source firmware for Broadcomm based routers.

The first step is to see if your router is supported by Tomato, so please check Shibby Tomato Builds. If it is, get the newest version and flash it on the administration interface.

Usually, there are some flavors: AIO (All in One) or VPN (few features, smaller size, perfect for most users).

If it cannot be flashed through Web interface (like Asus RT-N53), you must use the emergency procedure (see router documentation) to upload the custom firmware to the router.

After you install and set up all the usual settings on Tomato (WIFI, LAN etc.), you can go further, and with some work, you can install many programs, for example a webserver with PHP support or Transmission Torrent client (the router must have USB ports).

Different routers have different flash memory sizes. Inside the flash reside the firmware and settings. Depending on the flash size and firmware size (VPN or AIO), some unused space might still remain, so you can create a JFFS partition to install software. This is critical for routers without USB or if you do not want to use a USB drive. If you do want to use a USB drive, read here how to create a partition, and after you create it, continue this tutorial from Step 3.

Okay lets start.
Step 1: Create a JFFS partition.
Go to Administration – JFFS – Enable – Format Erase

In the text box paste:

mount -o bind /jffs /opt

Wait a few minutes, and if you do not get any message, reboot the router.

Step 2:
Go to Administration – Admin Access and modify the default port settings for router administration (ex: 8082).
This will allow you to access your router on specified port.


Step 3:
3. Access the router on SSH using Putty (Windows) or Terminal (Mac).

On Mac, the command is:

ssh -l root IP

Username must be root and the password of the admin user.

Step 4:
Install Optware package manager by using the following code.

cd /tmp

wget–files/tut:optware-installation/ -O – | tr -d ‘\r’ > /tmp/

chmod 755


Note that it may take time depending on your internet speed and your router’s processing power.

Step 5:
Install nano (text editor), lighttpd (webserver), and PHP

ipkg install nano
ipkg install lighttpd
ipkg install php-fcgi

Step 6: Edit the lighttpd configuration file.

nano /opt/etc/lighttpd/lighttpd.conf

and add this:

server.event-handler =”poll”

Modify the default running port of the webserver (default is 8081).

server.port = 80

Save everything and close nano.

Step 7:
Restart the webserver.

/opt/etc/init.d/S80lighttpd restart

Now you can put files and scripts in /opt/share/www/

If you want your webserver to be accessible from WAN, you need to add those lines to the Firewall script (Administration – Scripts – Firewall):

iptables -t filter -A INPUT -p tcp –dport 80 -j ACCEPT
iptables -t filter -A INPUT -p tcp –dport 443 -j ACCEPT

Its done! now enjoy the features on your budget router. Do post your queries or suggestions in the comments.

Infographic: Biggest CyberSecurity Attacks in History

An interesting, but arguable, infographic coming to us today from the Financial Times. Is Kevin Mitnick really bigger than the guys that hacked Target, Home Depot, Bebe, and virtually every fast food restaurant in the US? I think he’s just grandfathered in because of the audacity of his actions (mostly social engineering) and the fact that he’s been on every Top Hacker list since the dawn of time. But still, luv ya, Kev!

Biggest Cybercrime Security Attacks in History