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Infographic: Biggest CyberSecurity Attacks in History

An interesting, but arguable, infographic coming to us today from the Financial Times. Is Kevin Mitnick really bigger than the guys that hacked Target, Home Depot, Bebe, and virtually every fast food restaurant in the US? I think he’s just grandfathered in because of the audacity of his actions (mostly social engineering) and the fact that he’s been on every Top Hacker list since the dawn of time. But still, luv ya, Kev!

Biggest Cybercrime Security Attacks in History

10 Apps You Must Carry In Your USB!

Carrying around an actual computer is now possible since we have USB sticks that you can use to store all the basic utilities you need and use the same on other computers irrespective of platform and OS. These USB sticks don’t cost a fortune and can be carried out and about in your pockets. Further, a number of apps have been converted into portable versions so you can make the best use of them on the go! Here’s a list of must have apps if you’re looking to carry around your own pocket computer!


15 Easy Ways To Speed Up WordPress

WordPress is a great platform.

You’re seeing it in action right now: my site  is run entirely on this crazy-powerful platform.

One weakness that WordPress suffers from, however, is that it is usually very slow. (more…)

The most reliable vpn providers

Reliable vpn providers are hard to find, but once you find one you will stick to them for the rest of your time on the internet. There are various vpn providers that claim that they are reliable and honest, but when it comes to law, all have to obey. There are hundreds of free (more…)

Three Uses For Google+ That Don’t Involve Social Networking

Three Uses For Google+ That Don't Involve Social Networking

Google+ first popped up as Mountain View’s answer to Facebook, but as the platform has grown its most useful components have been nothing to do with social networking in the traditional sense. Here are three features that might make it worth your time to dust off your Google+ account and dive back in. (more…)

How To Find Out Who’s Behind That Email Address

Picture this. You have received an email claiming that you have won some prize or amount in a lucky draw or maybe you’ve received an email that looks quite interesting. Before you can trust the message conveyed via email and before sending your reply, it’s important that you properly identify the person who is associated with this email. (more…)

Ultimate Guide To Web Optimization (Tips & Best Practices)

Web optimization is a vital part of web development and maintenance but also something often overlooked by webmasters. Just think of the money you can save, and how it can potentially help increase your readership and traffic when they are properly done.

web optimization guide

If you have not done any optimization to your website (or blog) so far or merely curious how it can help speed up your site, please take a look at this list of optimization tips we’ve put together. (more…)