The Top 11 BEST Bitcoin Sites for Earning

The Top 10 BEST Bitcoin Sites for Earning

BitVisitor #1 – Good sites shown with good payouts. You can find a lot of resources through the pages shown. 5:00 minute average time per page. This is the #1 link because of the number of pages you can visit. Current High Payout is around 30uBTC


Five Economies That Could Actually Use Bitcoin

The world’s biggest cryptocurrency still needs to prove it can be a currency. Its instability makes it nothing like dollars and euros as a store of value. Since the start of the year, its value has declined more than copper, the Russian stock market, and the Nikkei. Bitcoin is also really hard to transact in because the exchanges where you buy bitcoins haven’t just been unreliable; the biggest one collapsed with a lot of its users’ money.


Protection against harvesting email addresses

Protection against harvesting email addresses


We all hate it, but how to fight against it? Well if you are admin of a website you should take an action against harvesting email addresses check Admin Guide bellow, else if you are user you want to check User Guide.

How email harvesting works


Admin Guide:


Restricted Web Access with Htaccess


What is Restricted Access and HTaccess?

Access is having restrictions on who is able to view or edit a certain directory in a site. Using HTaccess is one way to restrict access and it utilizes three methods to do so:

1. Username/password level access authorization. This method requires a user to enter a valid username and password to access a certain web page.

2. Rejection or acceptance of connections based on Internet address, hostname or domain name of the Web client.

3. The combination of 1 and 2.

* Note: None of these methods are foolproof.